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Read this if you WANT to eat more home cooked meals but are STRUGGLING! I got you, fam! I’m going to make this so easy for you to start transitioning to home cooked meals rather than eating out all the time.

Eating at home more often is going to keep your wallets thick and your belly flat, versus eating out which does the OPPOSITE!

If you want to achieve something, you must STAY CONSISTENT! Yes, you hear that all the time right!? It is easy to talk the talk versus actually walking the walk. With my 5 ways, you can easily stay consistent with your meal plan so you won’t need to run to McDonalds *for convenience*


It is so easy for things to slip our minds when we are busy. Plan and set grocery shopping and cooking dates into your calendar before hand. Don’t BS me with “I’ll do it when I’m free.” If you’re looking for the right time, there is NEVER the right time.

I set reminders on my phone to pop up occasionally to remind myself WHY I am doing this. Remind yourself about how sluggish and tired you feel or what your body goals are.


You don’t need to switch up your meals EVERYDAY. It is way too daunting to imagine cooking 2 times a day (and all those dishes to wash!) Dedicate 15 minutes to picking 2 EASY recipes you want to try and stick with it! Don’t forget to create a grocery list before you head the to the store. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to grocery shop.

Remember, the easier something is, the more likely you are to stick with it. Here is a pro-tip: Use a slow cooker! You throw everything into a slow cooker and you throw it on while you’re at work and when you come home, it’s pretty much just waiting for you.


Calm down! You can put those scales away. The easiest thing you can do right now is just portion everything into containers and have them ready for you to microwave. Don’t worry about how many grams or ounces you are eating right now.

Lets take baby steps and get you used to eating at home first 🙂

The less time you spend in your kitchen, the easier you will find eating from home. After all, it’s the same when you grab a snack pack from Starbucks! It’s already done for you, and that is the beauty of it.


Don’t cook every day. The thought of cooking every day makes ME sick! A great rule of thumb is to cook enough for 2-3 days (it will take some experimenting.) You can even cook for more than 3 days, just freeze your meals and re-heat. The best things to defrost are chili, stews, and soups.


Life does not need to be chicken and broccoli all day every day. Sure some people can stomach it, but if you find yourself dreading lunch every day then you need to switch it up.

Really like something from a restaurant? Try to recreate a simple version of it. There are no shortages of free recipes all over the internet, most of them will tell you how long the preparation & cook time is. Find easy recipes you know you can follow.

Thank you for taking a chance on yourself. I know you will find success in these steps and I look forward to hearing about your journey!

– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond

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