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5 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired All The Time

By February 21, 2018August 21st, 2018No Comments

Do you feel like you’re tired all the time and cannot increase your energy no matter what you do? Here are 5 possible reasons why you are fatigued.Personal Training in Richmond, Surrey, and Walnut Grove - Crux Fitness

1. Not Enough Iron
Iron is an important nutrient that helps your body produce hemoglobin, the molecule in your blood that transports oxygen to your muscles and cells. Without enough iron, you can be more easily fatigued. Eating iron-rich foods combined with vitamin C rich foods together will help increase iron absorption. Whole foods sources that are high in iron include leafy greens, legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.) and nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, etc.). Foods that are high in vitamin C include bell peppers, citrus fruits, berries, papaya and mango.

Try this simple 4-ingredient smoothie to help increase your iron levels:

Easy Iron-Rich Smoothie Recipe:
– 2 Big Handfuls of Spinach
– 1 Banana
– 1 Cup Frozen Berries
– 1 Cup Almond Milk
Blend until desired texture and enjoy!

2. Not Enough Physical Activity
If you’re someone who works a desk job for most of the day and doesn’t get in much movement, your lack of exercise may be leading to being tired all the time. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to stiffness and soreness in various parts of your body including your shoulders and back. Adding in some physical activity can help balance your hormones, increase endorphins (the happy hormone), improve your sleep quality and improve insulin resistance – all important components in helping increase energy.

3. Not Enough Recovery/Rest
If you’re someone who trains very often and is a regular in the gym, you may need to consider the recovery you are getting. Recovery and rest includes days off from training and also getting enough quality sleep. When it comes to sleep, the quantity AND quality matters – to improve your sleep quality, go to bed around the same time each night, exercise during the day, sleep in a cool and dark room, take an epsom salt bath, use essential oils like lavender and limit caffeine drinks to the earlier part of your day. Your body requires adequate recovery to repair and get stronger. If you’re feeling extra tired, maybe take a couple days off from the gym or see how you can improve your sleeping habits.

4. Not Enough Anti-Inflammatory Foods
If your body is under a lot of physical and mental stress, it may be more prone to inflammation. Too much inflammation in the body can lead to tiredness and disease in the long run. To ease inflammation in the body, limit processed foods and sugars. Increase your consumption of anti-inflammatory foods including turmeric, leafy greens, berries, fruit and wild caught salmon.

5. Not Enough Vitamin D
Vitamin D is produced in your skin when it is exposed to sunlight. It’s important to get enough of this vitamin as it helps to regulate mood, fight depression and fatigue. Getting about 10 minutes of sunshine mid-day can improve your vitamin D levels.

Hope these 5 reasons gave you some ideas on how to adjust your daily behaviors. Try adding some of these habits into your lifestyle and see if your energy increases. Crux Fitness offers a coaching program that keeps you accountable in building healthy habits. Please reach out if you want support!

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