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4 Simple Ways To Destress

By February 21, 2018August 21st, 2018No Comments

Life can get hectic and overwhelming. Our jobs may get demanding, our family may require our attention, and on top of that, we still gotta clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner and we may feel way in over our heads as we are scrambling around just to get everything done. If you want to get your stress under control, try out these 4 simple ways to destress.Personal Training in Richmond, Surrey, and Walnut Grove - Crux Fitness

1) Start Off Your Morning On A Relaxed Note
How you start your morning is very important as it can determine the mood for the rest of the day. Create a morning routine that is almost second nature, so that you don’t fatigue your mind with making many decisions early in the day. To make your mornings simple, get a head start the night before. For example, pick your outfit, pack your lunch and prepare your breakfast the evening before, so that you can access everything easily when you wake up.

2) Take A Epsom Salt Bath
A nice warm epsom salt bath before bed can help ease tight muscles, reduce inflammation and give you a better night’s sleep. Our body, especially the shoulders and neck, can become stiff when we are under stress. Treating yourself to some pampering can help you relax and re-energize for another day.

3) Remember To Breathe
As simple as this sounds, we can often forget to breathe as we become consumed by our daily tasks. Take time out of your day to take a few deep breaths. All the cells in our body require oxygen to produce energy, especially our brain. Breathing can help you function more optimally and by being more productive in the day, you can allow more time to rest and recoup.

4) Sweat It Out
Smashing out a good workout session can help your body release mood-boosting endorphins and destress. No matter what you like, whether it be running, lifting weights, kickboxing, etc. set out some time in your day to move your body. Find exercise activities that you can enjoy, so that you’ll be more inclined to stick with it.

If you want help with building healthy habits, reach out to us as our team at Crux Fitness would love to help!

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