4 biggest mistakes not to make while trying to get fit

  1. Ego lifting

Have you seen guys at the gym lifting really heavy and struggling to get the weight up, and not in a good way as in you can see their form is giving out, but they do it again and again? It is good to be competitive sometimes, especially when in a group fitness setting in fitness facilities such as the classes at Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio. This is especially for guys, as we all want to be strong, or at least as strong as the guy lifting beside us. This often leads to what we refer to as ego lifting as you lift weights that is much too heavy for you to lift at your current fitness state safely with good form. This often leads to a lot of grimacing (wrinkle alert), compensating as you break form, and may even ultimately lead to injuries. Remember, you are not there to compete with anyone else, you just need to compare to yourself and know that you are progressing. Just be stronger than you were last week. Safety should always come first. Besides, if you get injured and can’t work out for a couple of weeks or months, how are you ever going to catch up to the guy you were competing with?


  1. Too much too soon

This is kind of like Ego lifting, except this is more pertaining to volume. This is especially for people who first adopts a fitness routine as they want to go intense to get results fast. More often than not this leads to them doing too much volume, so much so that their body can’t handle it and they are sore all the time and actually feel more frustrated with the lack of results or suboptimal speed of results due to possible overtraining. Pace yourself, no one who got fit did it in a week, it is more important to adopt a fitness routine that you can keep up for a long time consistently than go out in a blaze of glory and fizzle out right? You are here for a long time, you want to be fit for life, so take it 1 step at a time and you will surely reach your goal in time as long as you progress at a steady pace. Rushing to results often make puts you in a mental state of stress as you are not at your goal yet, instead focus on the process and journey and how you are stronger and fitter than the you last week. Form that positive reinforcement for the good fitness habits you are trying to build so you can stay fit and strong for the rest of your life. This is why at Richmond Crux Fitness the personal trainers will always try to progressively challenge your body instead of going super intense right at the beginning.


  1. Too much steady-state cardio

Ok some of you might be wondering: what?!?! You heard me right. Too much steady-state cardio is actually bad for you. Steady-state cardio and many cardio types in general are catabolic exercises, which means they break down tissue, which leads to weight loss. Ok, so how is this bad? Well, cardio does not just break down fat tissue, it can also break down muscle tissue, and muscle is a very important tissue in helping you lose weight in that they burn a lot of calories for you. If you lose a lot of muscle form steady-state cardio, then your overall fat burning potential can be hampered! This often leads to the “skinny fat” appearance, and to avoid this you should focus on a more balanced approach to having both cardio and resistance training routines built into your workouts to make sure you don’t lose too much muscle while trying to lose the fat!


  1. Nutrition is not on point

Diet and exercise are the staples of fat loss and muscle gain, everyone knows that. However, while many focus heavily on the exercise part they often neglect nutrition. There’s a reason behind sayings like “Six packs are made in the kitchen”. Without diet, your workout efforts not only would not show well visually, but also may be hampered if you lack the resources to fuel your workouts. Nutrition is something you do day in and day out regardless of where you are or if you workout or not, and you do it multiple times EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you want results, focus on your nutrition as well!

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