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3 Ways To Stop Overeating – tips from personal trainers in Richmond

By October 2, 2018December 10th, 2018No Comments

Overeating. We’ve all done it at some point. It’s not a good feeling. So how do we prevent it from happening?

Our Richmond Gym personal trainers can help you with this common issue. I start my own health & fitness journey about 6-7 years ago and these are some personal tips that have helped me.

  1. Manage your stress

Keeping your stress at a healthy level is KEY to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is also so important for keeping your cravings at bay and preventing overeating. We’ve all had moments of stress eating before. It’s not fun! I often hear people saying how they wish they didn’t eat all that junk when they were stressed, but they couldn’t help it. The truth is, we CAN help it. We can see where to improve with our stress levels. Do we have too much on our plate? Are there things we could say no to? Could we be more mindful with our routine? Do we make sure to allow some ‘me-time’ in our schedules? Reflect on your own habits and lifestyle to see where you could adjust. If you want some direction, connect with our Richmond personal trainers!

      2. Don’t go hungry for too long

We are all busy people, but do your best to be aware of your hunger levels. Your health should be a priority! If you let yourself go hungry for too long, there’s a higher chance of overeating or binging later. If you have a very packed schedule and less time to eat, try having larger meals, less frequently, so that you’re fuller for longer. Also make sure to drink enough water. Sometimes our bodies will mistaken thirst for hunger. A tip for this is to carry a large water bottle everywhere you go.

       3. Practice Mindfulness

With all the technology nowadays, it’s so easy to mindlessly munch and eat meals in front of a TV, computer or phone. However, this isn’t always the best for our eating habits. If we aren’t fully present when we are eating, it can be easier to overeat because we’re not focused on listening to our body. Whenever having a meal, make sure your environment is relaxing and stress-free. It’s best to eat when you’re in a positive state of mind, so that it’s less likely that you will overeat.


Hope these 3 tips were helpful for you. If you want more guidance with fitness and nutrition, make sure to reach out to our Richmond personal trainers.

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