Min-ju and Gage of Crux Fitness are back at it again, this time with some leg exercises and a competition to see who can jump higher.

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Training the legs is extremely important for both fat loss and muscle gain. The reason is simple. Legs have a massive amount of muscle mass, so if your goal is to gain muscle fast, then stimulating your leg muscles will help all other parts of your body to gain more strength and muscle mass as well.

If your goal is to lose weight, then you MUST train your legs. The more muscle that you are training the more overall calories your body will burn, leading to better results.

That is why Min-ju and Gage went through 3 different leg exercises that are injury friendly and that can be done with just simple equipments.

Exercise 1:
Goblet Squat. This is such a versatile exercise! If you are not able to do heavy goblet squat, then you have no business doing a barbell back squat!

Exercise 2:
Reverse lunges. This unilateral movement builds strong leg muscles all without causing knee pain.

Exercise 3:
Ski Squat. This is a great variation to pump the quads even more without add stress to the lower back. Great for anyone with back issues and or weak core.

Min-ju and Gage put these exercises to the test and had a great, sweat filled training session.

The challenge this week is to see who can use their powerful legs and generate more force to jump on to high boxes.

Find out who wins!

The more muscle you can build, the more weight loss, fat loss results you will see.

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