Based on the new BC provincial health restrictions, Crux Fitness will remain open as all restrictions are not directed at individual workouts that follow strict Covid safety protocols

We will continue to monitor the situation and seek advice from local authorities.  As it stands, we are fully complying with all regulations, with additional strict Crux specific safety protocols in place.  We will continue to be vigilant.

Thank you, as always, for your support.  Let’s get through this together.  Stay healthy and stay safe!


Frustrated with your lack of results?

We all know you can’t get results without consistency. 

IN FACT, THE #1 REASON why you don’t get results is because you stopped. 

Have you had enough of working out at home?
Feel you are not getting the most from Zoom workouts?
Want to put a stop fo the COVID weight gain, but don’t feel safe in a public gym?
Are you lacking the equipment, space and atmosphere?
If any of the above describes you.

Imagine this. Being able to show up to a completely private training studio with the safest COVID protocols, restrictions, and enforcement.

And every time you show up, you get to see others like you working out in their individual workout zones, having a good time while being as safe as possible.

Now imagine because you feel so safe working out here, you start to come in more and more often.  And your body, your mind, and your life becomes better and better.

At Crux Fitness, we make it easy for you to stay safe 

Join us and let us remove the barrier for you to get consistent for GOOD




We’ve all been beginners at one point. If you’re just starting out, this is the place for beginners to finally feel at home and get started.


At Crux Fitness, you go at your own pace – just show up, and we’ll give you personalized recommendations for your skill and athletic ability.


At Crux, there is no shame or judgement, just others on the same journey. We encourage unlimited breaks. You come and push often, not hard. 


You are not alone. We used to be beginners just like you who have given up because they don’t know what to do, are intimidated by the gym, or are scared of being judged by others and laughed at. 

Here’s how we make it easy


Personal Trainer Richmond BC

Don’t know what the heck you’re doing? We can help with that. Together, we’ll help you get that confidence to do the workouts you’ve dreamed about without the pressure of looking silly. 

Personal Training


Personal Trainer Richmond BC

Want to train with your fitness family? We have INCLUSIVE, JUDGEMENT-FREE WORKOUT TIMES for all fitness levels. We have one goal – consistency and effort at your own pace. 

Group Training


Personal Trainer Richmond BC

This is for if you are ready to get committed, show up, and be consistent. We have 5 spots saved for beginners who are committed to train with us this month.

Consistency Challenge

inspire and motivate
others to improve their
quality of life

Since 2001, Crux Fitness has vowed to: “inspire and motivate others to improve their quality of life.” This has not changed ever since Crux Fitness was established at the turn of the century. We’ve had hundreds of clients come through our doors and become fitter, happier and experience permanent weight loss in Richmond and Cloverdale.

Fitness and Weight Loss Trainer in Richmond

Crux Fitness is dedicated to helping people from all over the greater Richmond and Vancouver area making health and fitness a priority to enjoy successful fat and weight loss results! Time is the most valuable asset we could ever own. What better way to get more of it than by staying fit and healthy?


Follow the link below to view individual
bios from our fully qualified team.

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Why keep going through the
same cycle of futility?

Don’t keep on trying to solve the same problems year after year. At Crux Fitness, you will receive a complete system that will change your lifestyle giving you sustainable results. You will have monthly follow ups to keep you motivated and focused. You will be a part of the best fitness community in town, achieve amazing results, AND keep the results for life.


Fun, varied workouts, all targeted to help you lose weight and tone your body!

Customized Programs

Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss journey, or you’re looking for advanced techniques to tone and sculpt your body, we have programs for you!


We won’t leave you hanging. Throughout this journey EVER. We will have 1-to-1 nutrition coaching sessions and ongoing assessments to ensure you are on track to that dream body!


You can’t out run your fork. That’s why we will help you change your lifestyle and eating habit for sustainable results!

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Everyone starts somewhere.

These people were beginners

just like you

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